3 Tech Giants That Could Benefit From the 5G Revolution in 2020

Nick 提交于 周二, 05/21/2019 - 18:00

Hyper-fast internet downloads. Household appliances that "talk" to the internet. Cars that talk to... each other. The 5G internet revolution is coming to America, and 2020 will probably be the first year that 5G becomes widely available to consumers.

Recognizing this, Apple made the strategic decision to keep 5G capability out of its latest iPhone model, the iPhone 11, released in September 2019. The company's next iPhone iteration, however, which will be 5G-capable, is due to arrive in late 2020.

Perhaps not coincidentally then, Wall Street analysts by and large are optimistic about Apple stock in 2020. According to TipRanks, a company that tracks and measures the performance of analysts, more than half the Wall Street bankers who have issued ratings on Apple stock over the past month rate the stock a "buy."

And Apple isn't the only stock they like. Here's what analysts have to say about it... and two other 5G-related stocks they like.

Apple Inc. (AAPL)

But let's consider Apple first. With $260 billion in annual sales and a $1.3 trillion market capitalization, Apple needs no introduction -- this hi-tech juggernaut is literally America's most valuable tech company today, and likely to be a leading force in the 5G revolution.

Last week, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives predicted that 2020 will be "the year of the 5G supercycle for Apple." Apple is preparing "a slate of 5G smartphones set to be unveiled in September that will open up the floodgates on iPhone upgrades across the board that the Street continues to underestimate." Indeed, Ives believes " underlying iPhone demand remains comfortably ahead of Street/original expectations for FY20 with 185 million/190 million units" in 2020, and the company is set to release "at least 5 iPhone versions to capitalize on this demand.

Based on its supply chain checks, Ives predicts that "200 million units could be the starting point for 5G Apple smartphone demand [in 2020] as roughly 350 million iPhones [out of  900 million iPhones currently in use] are currently in the window of an upgrade opportunity.

Ives' estimate, by the way, is in line with a similar analysis just out of PiperJaffray, where analyst Michael Olson says "23% [of current iPhone owners] are interested in purchasing a relatively higher ASP ($1,200) 5G iPhone." Working off of Wedbush's 900 million-unit estimate for the installed base, this would suggest 207 million 5G-capable iPhones could be sold in 2020 -- well ahead of consensus estimates. Furthermore, Olson believes that 2021 could be even bigger for Apple, as that will be the year "most positively impacted by 5G iPhone upgrades."

Both analysts are positive on Apple stock, with Olson assigning an "overweight" rating with a $305 price target, and Ives an "outperform" rating and a $350 price target. If they're right, investors could be in for a very pleasant surprise ... because right now, the consensus on Wall Street is that Apple stock will end 2020 around only $268 a share -- below where it trades today.